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2nd Quater '24

Laser Vascular Treatment Video Campaign Moodboard

Summarizes a three-scene video project for a dermatology clinic's advanced laser machine. Scenes include a professional introduction, machine showcase, and transformative results. The moldboard emphasizes a modern aesthetic, clear messaging, and strategic distribution for an impactful campaign.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Introduction Scene: Expert Precision


  • Visuals: Dermatologist with a patient in a modern clinic setting.

  • Mood: Professionalism, trust, and expertise.

  • Key Elements: White lab coat, state-of-the-art equipment, calm and welcoming ambiance.

Machine Showcase: Technological Marvel


  • Visuals: Laser machine in action, capturing the intricacies of the procedure.

  • Mood: Futuristic, innovative, and advanced.

  • Key Elements: Close-up shots of the machine's components, dynamic angles highlighting its precision, and ambient lighting to enhance the technological feel.

Results Display: Transformative Elegance


  • Visuals: Before-and-after shots of patients, showcasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Mood: Confidence, satisfaction, and beauty.

  • Key Elements: Clear comparison images, genuine smiles of satisfied patients, and a consistent color palette to highlight the positive changes.

What we need from you

Operation Room Brilliance

Ensure a successful shoot by providing a clean and well-lit operation room. Proper lighting and cleanliness will enhance the professionalism of the video, showcasing the clinic's commitment to excellence and creating an ideal setting for the laser treatment demonstration.

Dermatological Expertise x 2

Feature the clinic's expertise by having two dermatologists actively participating in the video. Their presence will lend credibility to the procedure and convey a sense of teamwork. This collaborative approach reinforces the clinic's commitment to delivering top-notch care through a skilled and cohesive team.

Results in the Spotlight

Highlight the effectiveness of the laser treatment by featuring two patients who have undergone the process. Ensure they have documented results to visually demonstrate the positive outcomes. This section aims to build trust and confidence among potential clients by showcasing real, tangible transformations.

Script Harmony

Facilitate a seamless and engaging video by having all participants, including dermatologists and patients, go over the script. This ensures that the messaging aligns with the clinic's brand, emphasizing key benefits and conveying a unified and polished presentation. Coordination in script delivery will enhance the overall impact of the video.

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